Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Breakfast Friends

Acrylic on Canvas, 14" x 10.75"

I finished painting this one today from the reference photo provided by Barb Benik  for the Studio Atelier Challenge. Animals are a lot of fun to paint, especially farm ones. I had always wanted to paint a horse and this challenge forced me to do one. Moreover, barn and pastoral scenes are so pleasing to look at. I started off pretty quickly, but struggled when I got to do the foreground (ground, especially)which gave me problems. I had to force myself to stop because I wasn't getting any better with it.


  1. Well done Anita,this is fantastic!I love how the light comes through the trees and the animals are just perfect.I don't see any problem with the foreground,i think it looks better than the photo.

  2. Very well done Anita.The horse came up beautifully.I get pretty intinmidated while painting animals.You pulled it off so well.:)

  3. Hi Anita,just a quick note to say I have tagged you on the 7 Links Project,have a look on my blog for the details.