Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Windmill at Norfolk, UK

6"x 8.5", Acrylic on Canvas

Windmills make interesting subjects for painting. I painted this from one of the many artist reference photos available for free on the net. When it comes to landscapes, I usually paint on bigger canvas sizes. I realised it was difficult to paint small, especially on canvas, given  that I tend to put in details. Maybe  painting smaller landscapes on smoother surfaces will give good results. A lesson, learnt. :-)


  1. This is fabulous Anita!! The flowers leading up to the windmill look so fresh and the brickwork on the windmill is just perfect.All your paintings are such a high standard,it shows how versatile your skills are that you can adapt from large to small and vice versa.

  2. Thanks so much Azra! That was encouraging. :-)