Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fearsome, yet Adorable!

Acrylic on canvas, 16" X 12"

I loved painting these tiger cubs for the Green Palette Challenge for this week's topic- Wildlife.
I'm quite happy with how the painting turned out. I painted this from a reference photo, on wrapped canvas (with all sides painted).
My closest encounter with a tiger in the wild, was in Kabini Tiger Reserve near Bangalore, India, 4 years ago. It was an awesome sight from our open safari jeep, and the tiger stood about 100 feet away. We halted there for about 5 minutes and those were one of my most nervous moments! :-)


  1. Wow!! Anita,this is absolutly awesome!!I love everything about this painting. How wonderful that you've seen these magnificent creatures in the wild!!

  2. Wow! Your painting is amazing! I'm always so impressed with your work.

  3. wow!this is amazing...loved the details on the tigers!!

  4. You are too good Anita. Keep it going!!