Sunday, July 22, 2012

Flower Maiden

Acrylic on Canvas, 11"x15"

I haven't painted any sculpture before, until now. Painting this Flower maiden was a good experience. I decided, if I get the sculpture right, then I'll paint the rest of it. So I first painted the maiden before anything. I later realised the result would have been better if it had been painted in oils, especially with regards to the folds of the fabric. But since I don't have much patience for the slow drying oils, I stuck to acrylics. Anyway, I think on the whole, it has come out okay.The toughest part was getting the face right. I'm happy with that one coming out well. This goes as a submission to Artistic Sentiments Challenge. Here is the ref photo posted by Dana Marie.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Thai Farmscape

Acrylic on Canvas, 9"X 9"

I was lucky to spot this beautiful farm in Chiang Mai province of Northern Thailand. After travelling virtually for hours in Thailand via google street view, this scene caught my eye. It looked complicated to paint the whole scenery, but I liked a bunch of things here... the background slopes overlapped in different hues of green, the little houses dotting here and there, the ploughed farm, and of course, the yellow floral foreground! I wanted to capture them all on my canvas. I made small changes by popping up the houses a bit and color them red, and brightened up the greenery to contrast the dark areas. Here is the reference scene from google. This would be my submission for the July-Virtual Paintout challenge.