Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Lacemaker

Acrylic on Canvas, 13"x13"

Johannes Vermeer's "Lacemaker" (1669-1670) is a charming little painting displayed in Louvre museum, Paris. I was fortunate to visit Louvre three years ago and admire many beautiful paintings, but this one missed my eye.This is my version of the same done for PADT challenge. While it seemed a little intimidating to attempt, the subject was so pretty, I went for it. This is the first time I'm painting a human face and I'm happy with the results, more so because I completed it in less time. Importantly, it has given me confidence to attempt old masters' paintings in future. Also, doing this painting was a good exercise in studying values and tones. Here, of course I couldn't muster enough courage to keep half her face in shadow as in the original. I preferred to lighten her.