Monday, September 2, 2013

Kayaking on Lake George

Acrylic on canvas, 12" X 14"

This is from a reference photograph of Lake George, NY, that I had in my collection. What drew me to paint this scene, are the colours in the foliage and the Kayakers seeming to have a carefree time on the lake.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Art Exhibition and Musings

Finally, for the first time, my paintings stepped out of my house and got showcased. :) :)  This happened on the occasion of Women's Day which was celebrated in our apartment complex yesterday. Here I am at my stall with acrylic paintings on display. I enjoyed the whole time, and to my happiness, four of my paintings got sold with a few more in waiting list. A small step in the art world, but a boost to my confidence. The plusses were great- got many appreciations, got to know many other artists in our community, some approached me for commissioning big pieces for their homes, many mothers approached me to start classes for kids etc.. etc...I felt a bit overwhelmed. Got me thinking after I came home. There were so many opportunities beckoning me in this field! Should I paint to sell or to please myself? What I like to paint as an artist need not necessarily be liked by buyers. Should I paint big or small? Many people preferred large size art for their drawing rooms!  I'm not sure yet.  One day, I know I'll have to strike a balance... But as of now, I will paint for the joy of it and will be happy if something good comes out of it in the process.
Here are a few other pictures and peek into my stall...

Organising everything before the programme

Friday, February 22, 2013

Alpine Glory

Oil on Canvas, 19" X 14"

I just finished painting this scene today. Yay! this is my first oil painting and am quite satisfied with the results.This scene was referenced from a photograph taken by me from the train ride to Jungfraujoch (top of Europe) in Switzerland during my trip to Europe. I have to admit, personally, that oil painting is a messy affair, what with the smells of  linseed oil and turpentine right under your nose! Nevertheless, I enjoyed painting with the satisfaction of the beauty of the Alps slowly unfolding on the canvas.The beauty of Alps is truly mesmerising and I felt I had taken the trip again during the whole time I was painting. I have many more photos of my trip and plan to do some more in the course of time.

Here is me, enjoying the train ride :)

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fenced in

Acrylic on canvas, 18"x13"

After seeing so many beautiful snow paintings lately, I felt like painting a winter scene too. And here is one, from one of my handy references. Alas, it never snows in my part of the world, but, painting this scenery did help get into the mood. One of the joys of painting! :)